New hotels

Radisson Blu Royal Viking Radisson Blu Royal Viking The hotel offers 459 comfortable guest rooms and 14 meeting rooms.
ATLANTIC Hotel Münster ATLANTIC Hotel Münster The hotel offers 224 comfortable guest rooms and 10 meeting rooms.
Dorint Hotel Durbach Dorint Hotel Durbach The hotel offers 94 comfortable guest rooms and 5 meeting rooms.
Radisson Blu Waterfront Radisson Blu Waterfront The hotel offers 414 comfortable guest rooms and 8 meeting rooms.
felix im Lebendigen Haus am Au felix im Lebendigen Haus am Au The hotel offers 322 comfortable guest rooms and 7 meeting rooms.

Most popular hotels

Radisson Blu, Zurich Airport Radisson Blu, Zurich Airport: The hotel offers 330 guest rooms & 52 event rooms for up to 550 persons
Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel Radisson Blu Sobieski Hotel: The hotel offers 452 comfortable guest rooms and 18 meeting rooms.
Radisson BLU Hotel Köln Radisson BLU Hotel Köln: The hotel has 393 modern equipped rooms and 12 meeting rooms.

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meetago recommends

Preferred Hotel
Hotel Fulda Mitte
The hotel offers 134 guest rooms & 11 event rooms for up to 150 persons
Hotel Fulda Mitte
Lindenstr. 45, 36037 Fulda » Conference hotel, 134 guest rooms, 13 meeting rooms, capacity up to 150 individuals**
Preferred Hotel
Rheinhotel Schulz
The hotel offers 37 comfortable guest rooms and 6 meeting rooms.
Rheinhotel Schulz
Vogtsgasse 4-7, 53572 Unkel am Rhein » Conference hotel, 37 guest rooms, 6 meeting rooms, capacity up to 150 individuals**, 17 parking spaces
Preferred Hotel
Landhaus Zu den Rothen Forelle
The hotel offers 76 guest rooms & 9 event rooms for up to 100 persons
Landhaus Zu den Rothen Forelle
Marktplatz 2, 38871 Ilsenburg » Conference hotel, 76 guest rooms, 11 meeting rooms, capacity up to 100 individuals**, 70 parking spaces

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